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Blockbuster Online delivers great Online DVD Rental service. No limits on number of DVDs you can rent, Free and Fast Shipping. You get free in-store rentals every week with Free Blockbuster Coupons Rentals. the new Blockbuster Online Rental Free Trial Offer gives you the flexibility of renting online and returning or exchange in-store, and you will never be without a movie! Blockbuster Total is the whole new way to enjoy unlimited movie rentals online and offline.

If you want the BEST DEAL, you need to try Netflix today. Netflix offers more DVD selection and you can watch thousands of movies right on your computer without waiting for DVDs to arrive.

BlockbusterOnline offers a great selection of DVDs online. There are currently over 90,000 titles are available, and it keeps growing every week. You'll find classic cinema, modern favorites, television shows, children's programming, health and fitness workouts, and many more that are not available at your local Blockbuster Stores. The online search feature is similar to that of Netflix and with additional search by category, sub-category, format, and MPAA Rating.

Blockbuster Video Rental launched its Online service in 2004. Although started a few years later than Netflix, has been fiercely competing with Netflix and offered 3-DVD-out plan for just $14.99 a month while Netflix was charging $22.99 for the same plan. Of course, Netflix responded by lowing the price to $17.99 a month. And Blockbuster adjusted the price for 3-DVD-out plan to $17.99 a year later, in par with Netflix. Now let you rent DVDs for as low as $3.99 a month.

What makes Blockbuster Video unique is that with any plans, you get FREE Blockbuster Coupons to use for in store movie and game rentals. Print your Blockbuster coupon and take them into your nearest participating Blockbuster Video Store to enjoy free rentals on movies, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Game Cube video games.

Delivery time is close to that of Netflix - expect your DVDs to arrive within 3 days or less. Return envelopes are provided and shipping is always free both ways. If you have been to your local Blockbuster video store, you would probably know how much late fees can add up if you don't return your DVDs on time. With Blockbuster Online, you will never pay late fees again - keep DVDs out as long as you want and there never any due dates. Get Blockbuster free trial today. Plus you can use blockbuster coupon to even more movies and games.

There are various plans offered by blockbusteronline that fit your budget and your viewing preference. Blockbuster By Mail offers - $8.99 (1 at a time, unlimited), $13.99 (2 at a time, unlimited monthly), and $15.99 (3 at a time, unlimited monthly rentals). The Blockbuster Total Access offers - $11.99 (1 DVD at a time, unlimited rentals, 2 in-store exchanges per month), $16.99 (2 DVDs at a time, unlimited rentals, 3 in-store exchanges), $19.99 (3 DVD at a time, unlimited rentals, 5 in-store exchanges per month). You can start using your Blockbuster Coupons the very same day you join. Visit Blockbuster Free Trial Page to learn more about the latest block buster online promotions.

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